An Overview

Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud – Collectively called “SMAC” – are the latest disruptive trends that have changed the way modern businesses run their operations. SMAC lets you get closer to the customer, allowing you to shape your own services to better fit customer expectations and convenience. Furthermore, SMAC improves product development and employee-cooperation within firms, making it invaluable in every angle. Incorporating SMAC solutions into your business model comes at a cost but pays off in the long run.


That social media is an integral part of reaching out to customers has been an open fact for a while now. With platforms like Facebook attracting a user-base of over 1 billion individuals, social media platforms offer a uniquely powerful opportunity to engage with gargantuan numbers of potential customers. But social media strategy is much more than just customer engagement: Effective usage of popular platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter can help one understand the latest trends, identify potential target demographics, provide customer service, and build up a strong level of brand awareness. Furthermore, a presence platforms such as GitHub can help your own developers collaborate better while attracting more talent towards your firm. Having a social media and search engine strategy is thus essential to ensure that your firm is visible, engaging, and relevant to both customers and employees alike.

Most Popular Social Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, GitHub


Thanks to their low-prices and extremely portable nature, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have gained a dominating lead over traditional PCs in terms of daily usage by people. With an overwhelming majority of internet traffic coming in though mobile devices, it is a no-brainier that any firm invest a considerable amount of resources into shaping their delivery options to better fit mobile formats – This means increased emphasis on offering mobile applications and visual content optimization. But Mobility is not just about customers. Enterprise mobility refers to setting up a system that allows employees work on their assignments from anywhere. Enterprise mobility is especially of significance to companies with high reliance of employees working on the field as well as companies offering work-from-home perks. It is to be noted that enterprise mobility is closely associated to cloud technology (The “C” in SMAC)

Most Popular Platforms:
Mobile OSes: iOS, Android
Enterprise Mobility Solutions: VMware Airwatch,IBM Fiberlink, SAB Mobile Secure


Analyzing the sea of data being generated each day from different sources can help any firm gain valuable insights and patterns to improve their services and products. Beyond improvements, analytics can also help firms understand past performances and shape their future strategies. Analytics thus not only help us answer the unanswered – they also help us discover new questions that need answering. Although analytics were once a costly affair, latest developments have made analytics suites faster and less resource intensive while the necessary hardware is becoming increasingly faster and affordable. Adding an analytics strategy is thus within reach for most firms today. Furthermore, the scalability and ease-of-operation offered by major analytics platforms are a big step-up from conventional RDBMS platforms. This makes any investments into analytics platforms future-proof and cost-effective in the long run.

Popular Platforms: SAP HANA, Cloudera Enterprise, HPE Vertica, IBM Big Data
Popular Technologies: Hadoop, NoSQL, Mapreduce


Flash Drives and clunky Hard Drives of the yesteryear have today been replaced by something far more elegant. Cloud technology is the technology that gives us the capability to store, access, and share data over the internet — with storage being outsourced to reliable third party providers such as Amazon and Microsoft. Cloud technology has enabled employees to access and work on their data from anywhere on the planet (Enterprise Mobility) while customers are provided the opportunity to receive services and support regardless of their location. Employing cloud solutions to your firm will reduce total cost of ownership while centralizing information availability. More importantly, the flexible on-demand storage scalability offered by cloud means that resource bottlenecks during deployment can be drastically reduced.

Popular Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce Service Cloud, IBM Cloud

Incorporate SMAC today

In an ever changing & innovating world, incorporating SMAC not only improves your quality of service but also makes you an attractive entity for potential customers and employees alike. Better customer outreach, convenient windows of access, improved insights, and high level of mobility: There is no excuse for why you should think twice about incorporating SMAC today. Stay up-to-date, stay relevant.