Professional Services

Elevating Client organization’s career brand image in the IT Industry is a crucial part of our service strategy. We not only staff or hire resources but also, practice Talent Adoption that ensures the Technology Leaders to effectively drive forward the change in mindset that is required to fully benefit from a hiring partner. We streamline, measure, gather and induct talented executives in leading IT companies.

Our services include:

Contract Staffing

Limited resources and unlimited deliverables often require months of constant development. This is where Evolutyz contract hiring services come into play, and makes it convenient and cost effective for clients to hire the right talent on-board. Contract staffing is one of our distinguished services that enable our clients to hire talent for a limited period of time.


Evolutyz hires talent, if worth to be observed inside the company then we give them an opportunity to become a part of our customer’s prominent work force. This is just another way to enable our customers to Emerge Success!

Full Time / Direct Hire

We seek out qualified candidates for open positions within our customers. They turn to our direct hiring solutions to locate qualified candidates for their business. Evolutyz screens potential job candidates and maintains an active pool, and when the right position is found, we connect the employee with the employer for rewarding Success!

Employee Assessment

Why use Assessment solutions:

  1. Enhances the hiring decisions
  2. Shortens the cycle of on-boarding
  3. Runs a background check
  4. Improve customer satisfaction
  5. Improve employee communication

Training – Skill enhancement

  1. ERP Technical
  2. Custom training solutions
  3. ORACLE – ORMB Technical