Our ERP services include 4 types of offerings to help implement changes—Consulting, Customization, Support and Upgrades. ERP Implementation time depends on the size of a business, number of modules to be implemented, the amount of customization involved, scope of process changes, and readiness of the customer to adapt to change.

An ERP system can be implemented in stages. The typical project for a large enterprise would take about 14 months and requires around 150 consultants. Smaller projects would require a couple of months; whereas multinational and other large implementations can take years. Implementation time can increase substantially by the amount of Customization involved.

Post Implementation

Our post-implementation team works closely with the client team on their current live system and additional requirements, with a focus on assisting clients globally with their new requests. The post-implementation team works hand-in-hand with the support team to meet the ever changing demand of the industry.

Integration & Application Development

Application development is just not restricted to development of an application desired by a customer; we walk the extra mile and can provide services in research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in developing an optimum product or enhance the features of an existing product.

Before we take up any Application development project we study the purposes of the client, the three most common being:

The need for better quality control of the Application development process has given rise to adhere to best practise followed by industry and Evolutyz leverages this quality from its leadership team who come with vast experience from diverse industries (Manufacturing, BFSI, IT, Utility, Service, Retail & Healthcare).

Implementation & Upgrades

ERP implementation a massive operation that brings a lot of organizational changes. The entire implementation can take several years. Virtually every person in the organization is involved, whether they are part of the technical support or the actual end-users of the system. The resulting changes that the ERP implementation brings about are intended to reach high level goals, like improved communication and increased return on information. It is therefore very important that the implementation process is planned and executed with the usage of Best Practises and proven methodology. Our team works closely with each department involved in understanding their day to day activities and designing a robust solution that best suits to achieve organizational goals.

Processes we follow

Globalization Solutions

Our globalization team comprise of architects, content management experts, management consultants with global experience. Each of the team members has prior experience in working with clients across the globe. Our team has the experience in delivering cost effective solutions without compromising on quality and within the stipulated timeline by following industry best practices and implementing innovative technology solutions.